SRB Assekuranz Broker AG

Risk Engineering


For a company, safety also means the best possible protection of its infrastructure. Fire and explosion risks, as well as other dangers to its existence, are recorded systematically and effectively reduced. In the case of an emergency, losses are limited quickly and efficiently and reconstruction can be initiated.

  • Protection against fire and explosion
  • Avoiding the occurrence of fire and explosions, reduction of scope of damage
  • Fire protection concepts
  • Fire risk calculations
  • Explosion protection concepts
  • Risk inspections and expert appraisals
  • Risk reports for insurance carriers
  • Fire alarm systems, sprinklers
  • Thermographic inspections of electrical equipment
  • Expert appraisal of projects
  • Contacts with authorities

Emergency and emergency planning

Prevention of emergencies, preparation for emergencies, correct response in emergencies, rapid resumption of production.

  • 24-hour emergency phone service +41 840 77 22 77
  • Escape plans
  • Danger aversion and emergency concepts
  • Assessment of natural risks
  • Evacuation exercise
  • Risk inspections
  • Occupational protection and access control concepts
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Business Recovery
  • Product recall