SRB Assekuranz Broker AG

SRB Integrated

The integrated SRB solution offers a flexible, comprehensive and needs-oriented solution for identifying and assessing risks as part of the risk management process, thus allowing the proper risk control measures to be undertaken systematically and with appropriate tools.

Our risk engineering supports the risk management process in identifying, analyzing and controlling risk, as well as in risk prevention.

Risk Management

The SRB integrated solution is constructed in modular fashion, i.e.:

  • Risk analysis: identification of potential risks and assessment of possible detriment to corporate goals. You have the option of undertaking risk identification and/or assessment according to the 'insurance management' approach (risk management in the narrow sense, limited to a partial quantity of insurable risks) or the holistic approach.
  • Risk strategy: Development of risk and insurance policy by formulating risk-policy principles, establishing responsibilities for risks and determining risk limits for individual risks.
  • Risk handling: Risk financing (self-insurance, risk transfer to insurance carrier, captive contractual transfer, etc.) and/or risk safeguarding or risk control (loss limitation, prevention, contractual transfer, etc.)