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Risk Financing

Traditional financing

You decide, in the context of the risk management or risk strategy process (risk and insurance policy), which “insurable” risks you want to self-insure and which risks you want to insure via an insurance carrier.

Our goal for the risks to be insured is to procure the lowest possible risk costs in the insurance market. We sound out the market with quote submissions in order to obtain the best price/performance ratio for you.

Modern risk financing

Not all risks are insurable by any means! Using modern risk financing and alternative risk transfer (ART), both insurable and non-insurable risks (e.g. environmental risks, contaminated land) can be covered through a customized risk financing solution. Individual ART solutions can be used in tax planning. Tax planning should, however, not be the main purpose.

In conjunction with our subsidiary, Alternance AG, we offer you a wide range of services in modern risk financing and ART.


Risiko Finanzierung